Hello, I am Brian “BB” Berberich, and thanks for clicking over to learn more about Measure Twice! I am a freelance and contract producer that manages projects for production companies, agencies, and enterprise companies. Sometimes my clients only need production help from me, and that is great. I personally produce all the work on this website and work on an hourly, permalance, or project fee basis.


Sometimes a project needs more, like extra staff, payroll, insurance, or any other production services. Measure Twice is an insured S-Corp that can act as the production company for one small portion or the whole project. Measure Twice exists to collaborate.


We always want high value work from an efficient team of the best talent. The Measure Twice community is a network of freelancers and small companies that have worked for all sizes of corporations and agencies. Our network is large, and below are a few of our regulars.